A few points for attention in the design of children's playground Nov 10,2021
The design of children's parks has a great impact on the future development of amusement parks. Because children's equipment is a big business opportunity in the future, the design and planning of the park needs to be investigated at the beginning of the construction of the amusement park.

First of all, we need to understand the needs of the children. The needs of the children are part of the parents' growth of the children. It is very important that you can make money as long as you grasp the children's psychology. Children have the right to play, see pleasant colors in the game, experience pleasure in the game and gain knowledge from it. Children’s games have no clear purpose. Children’s play equipment is also a way for children to learn about the world. It is just out of instinct. Observing, understanding and knowing the world through games is the best way for children to gain knowledge.

Three tips to teach you to buy high-quality children's play equipment

1.Divide age groups
 First determine which age groups the playground will serve children. Children's playground planning for this is a crucial process. Because to build a fully functional playground, it is necessary to fully consider the different needs of children of different ages and their stages of development. Only in this way can the needs of all children be met, and the diversification of forms can meet the needs.

2.Precautions for purchasing new water park equipment and common sense of mat selection

  • Objective conditions of the site
Define the area and boundaries of the playground. Site selection and site division, pay special attention to those objective factors that will affect the placement of amusement facilities, such as water channels, obstacles, lamp posts, etc.

  • Entrance and exit of the venue
The location of the playground must take into account the surrounding traffic conditions. Places with a large flow of people and fewer vehicles, that is, a large safe flow of people, is it convenient to ride bicycles or skateboards in the playground, and is it convenient to bring strollers or wheelchairs into it?

  • Equipment placement and color
Factors such as light, shadow, sun, and wind must be considered. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The effect of color on children is obvious, as well as the style of decoration, etc. Bright and cheerful colors will bring joy to children.

  • Material selection for game equipment
Confirm that your supplier has passed the relevant national certification. Do not use materials containing toxic substances, such as wood containing aluminum, arsenic, etc., all equipment is professionally tested.

  • Ground material protection
Ground protection must be consistent with the game facilities in the area. The protective ground can be sand, safety mats, wood chips, but it must be thick enough to cushion the impact.

3.Learn about products and features
Whether for children or their adult companions, the playground must be an exciting, inspiring, and challenging place. The rides must be carefully selected. Choose a variety of playground equipment, such as various mollusk shapes, swings, slides and water, sand, etc. Different types of games constitute the overall atmosphere of the playground. It is important to meet the gaming needs of children of all ages. Therefore, playgrounds must constantly understand the developmental stages and needs of children.

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