ADG Surfing Beach -- The Boadyboarder-only Wave Pool Feb 22,2019

ADG Surfing beach -- The boadyboarder in wave pool 

Aquatic Development Group (adg) is a designer and builder of water parks and waterpark attractions, as well as a licensed owner of the Flowrider in the northern United States. The company has also developed breaker beaches, sending two passengers to wave pools every 8 seconds. 

According to its developers, the structure exclusively made for boogie boarders has a near limitless capacity. Riders only have to queue and wait for their turn.

The world's first breaker beach was installed on the water world in Denver, Colorado, and opened to the public in 2016. They call it Kovabanga Beach. The local water park wants to renovate their existing wave pool and decide to try the facility for boarding attendants. Today, they're full of results. 

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