Check in Chimelong Water Park Oct 27,2021

If summer can bring one thing, it is the fun of water park. The good weather and the desire to disconnect make the water mixed with the fun of sliding down the slide, making it one of the best hobbies to spend time with friends or family. Because no matter where you choose to spend the summer, the important thing is to spend it with your favorite person. In China, if we want to enjoy the fun of the water park, we must go to the Chimelong Water Park.

Park Introduction
Chimelong Water Park is the largest outdoor water park in China. The water park covers an area of more than 60 hectares, contains more than 60 attractions, and can accommodate 50,000 visitors per day. This water park is the first ride of the baby boomers, the longest lazy river, the largest wave pool, the first tornado ride in China, the largest children’s water park, and the first full park to use ozone. It is worth entering the top 5. Water treatment to ensure the purest water quality.

There are many projects for tourists to experience in the Aquatic Park. Below I will divide the exciting projects, parent-child projects and leisure projects for your reference.

Stimulus Project
Although the stimulation project of the water park does not feel like a roller coaster, it can also make you feel weightlessness, ambiguity and rotation. During the experience, you must protect yourself and pay attention to safety according to the reminders of the staff.

Chimelong Paradise is worthy of its name and prides itself on being the most stunning water spray parks and amusement park in China's water amusement facilities. Many rides, including the Ten Ring Roller Coaster, have been rated as the best rides in Asia. Motor launch roller coasters, half-pipe and other water amusement facilities will bring you the most exciting experience.

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