Frequently Asked Questions about Splash Pads - Water Park Splash Pad Manufacturers Jul 09,2021

Has the splash pad water been treated?

A splash pad or spray pool is an entertainment area, usually in a public park, where there is little or no standing water for water play. The need for lifeguards or other supervision can be eliminated because the risk of drowning is small.

Generally, the water is either fresh water or recycled and processed water, and the quality of the water is usually at least the same as the swimming pool water standard. These splash pads are usually surfaced with textured non-slip concrete or crumb rubber.

Is the splash pad expensive?

The actual cost will depend on the size and function of your splash pad, but it is safe to say that it will be much cheaper than a swimming pool.

Is the maintenance cost of splash pads high?

Maintenance – Once built, the cost of maintenance of the splash pad is much lower compared to swimming pools. Equipment operating costs are much lower, especially in a pass-through system that does not use pumps, filters, and chemicals.

Water Park Splash Pad Manufacturers

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