Fun of spiral slide in water park May 06,2019

Fun of spiral slide in water park

Summer is like a naughty child's face, moody, continue the high temperature, not a word, also too late, with an umbrella suntan, rain, not prepared, a little sad, but we can play again.

In everyone's memory, there is a spiral slippery, never enough to play. But as we get older, this little slide is no longer enough to satisfy our growing desire for excitement, but rather a combination of slides and a little bit of "stuff." Spiral slides use groups of slides that spiral in and out of each other, fast diving, jumping up and down, or spiraling down in labyrinth-like channels. This is the mystery of spiral water skiing. Maybe your mind is here 18 turns on the road, nine water links here.

High speed water slide design

In endless darkness, experience swirling centrifugal forces, such as the speed of free fall, suddenly burst through fear, straight into the water, let you experience different stimuli and pleasures, whether slowly or hastily, whether light or darkness, We all lose our way, and we don't even notice that height is proportional to excitement and that we can't run away here. When you reach the open slide, your view will be released and you will see a panoramic view of the park. Fast-changing surrounding references will give you extreme speed intuition. Unlike rainbow slide racing, spiral slide is more like a roller coaster, and the fun of winding and winding is more obvious.

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