How much water does the pool of indoor water park generally have | Nov 26,2020

The main consumer groups of indoor water parks are children between 6 and 15 years old, and different water depths can be set according to different water park equipment.

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1. The small wave pool is about 600-1000 square meters, and is expected to hold about 500 people at the same time. It is recommended that the average water depth of the pool is about 0.9 meters.

2. The children's parent-child water house is about 1,000 square meters. A parent-child interactive water house with a size of about 300 square meters can be installed. The spray area of the water village is about 600 square meters; the water depth is recommended to be about 0.4 meters.

children's parent-child water house

3. The parent-child interactive water slide is about 200 square meters; parent-child combination slides or children space bowl slide; Small Trumpet Water Park Slide; the water depth is recommended to be about 0.5 meters.

Taking into account the safety of children and the structure and load-bearing issues of the floor, the water depth of the general water park is about 30 to 60 cm, and it is usually 30 cm.

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