How to improve your water park equipment maintenance | Nov 05,2021

Due to different regions, the time to enter the summer is different, like the summer in the northern hemisphere has just ended, and the summer in the southern hemisphere has just begun. This will make people in different regions think differently about water parks. For example, the northern hemisphere may consider how to store the equipment of the water park, while the southern hemisphere may be considering the need to take out the equipment of the water park last year. Today, Histar, let me introduce to you how to properly store the equipment of the water park.

There are two ways to return your water park and splash pad equipment correctly. It minimizes the maintenance requirements of the equipment, and maximizes the life cycle and investment of the equipment.

But good storage is just one way to keep the park's water toys in optimal operating condition.

3 ways to minimize water park equipment maintenance

Here are some other ways to keep your water playground equipment maintenance to a minimum.

Read the equipment operation manual - carefully read the operation manual of the corresponding equipment, and perform the correct operation according to the manual. This will help you become familiar with the operation of the equipment and have a preliminary understanding of how to maintain the equipment in the water park.

Call the manufacturer - If you don't know whether the maintenance operation of the equipment is correct, you can take the initiative to call the corresponding equipment manufacturer to avoid wrong maintenance and reduce the service life of the equipment.

Maintenance schedule and checklist - record the maintenance time and inspection time of each equipment, so that the maintenance work of each equipment can be carried out on a regular basis.

If you want to know the maintenance requirements of the new water park or splash pad, you can contact us, Histar is the top manufacturer of interactive water parks. We provide spray parks, water amusement facilities and complex structures for amusement parks and hotels around the world.

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