How to make money with outdoor small water parks | Oct 29,2020

How can outdoor water parks remain profitable? The water park has always been in a state of stop loss, which has a direct relationship with the investment plan and operation plan. Water parks are an emerging industry, and most investors are willing to invest in the water park industry after seeing huge gains. So what kind of water park equipment can the water park be equipped with? Ocean Star can make a water park equipment plan according to the scale and investment budget of the water park. The following types of equipment are usually required for reference.

Outdoor water house for kids

1. Flowrider Surfing Equipment

Artificial wave-making equipment is a water park equipment that can generate simulated real waves. Basically it can be said that it is the standard equipment of the water park. If the site area is greater than 1,000 square meters, it can be considered first. This kind of equipment can be very popular, bring unexpected benefits to the project, and is a money-making weapon for the water park.

Flowrider Surfing Equipment

2. Children Water Park Equipment

Kids water house has always been the core product of the water park. Its shape is novel and unique, the color is bright and beautiful, and the theme is outstanding. It can be used in combination with waterslides and spray buckets to bring children the greatest entertainment interest.

Outdoor water house for kids

3. Water Slide

The waterslide in the water park is the most popular among children and children. The water slide is placed on the water. It climbs to a height and then slides into the swimming pool. It attracted many children to come and play. The children love outdoor water slide very much. This is also a project that brings a lot of income to the water park.

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