How to operate the water park after entering winter | Jan 21,2021

Among various tourist attractions, the one that is most affected by the season is the water amusement park. Our water amusement parks all have the saying "Golden 100 days", which means that the best operating time for water amusement parks is only 100 days. The peak operating season of each year is between June, July, August and September. The specific time It depends on the climate of different regions.

Most outdoor water parks follow this rule, but with the development of the water amusement park industry, many water parks will use indoor and constant temperature methods to extend the operating time of the water park, hoping to get more revenue .

When winter comes, water amusement parks will also enter indoor operations, and outdoor water amusement parks will also begin to use warm water. Regardless of whether its starting point is for business as usual in autumn and winter or to extend the operating cycle, it has not changed its summer prime attributes. Therefore, even if the water amusement park is built under the guidance of this ‘summer’ conceptual thinking, even if it is indoor, the number of tourists is inevitable to decline after entering the autumn and winter.

At this time, most indoor water parks have adopted four-season constant temperature to increase their appeal. Can this reduce the pressure of winter operations?

Water amusement parks have a constant temperature throughout the four seasons to achieve winter operations is an effective means to balance the off-peak season and increase annual revenue and benefits. Especially in hot spring resorts, because indoor pavilions can have both spa and water amusement functions, they have become an indispensable supporting facility in hot spring resorts, achieving annual management and control cost allocation and staff stability, and has comprehensive management benefits.

However, the construction of the same indoor water park must also take into account factors such as market environment, climate conditions, and transportation convenience. If the project radiation market passenger flow and heating and other control costs cannot reach a reasonable ratio, it must be based on the feasible The result of the evaluation is prudent and decision-making. The four-season constant temperature cannot completely improve and reverse the poor operation in winter. It can only be changed. The loss of the Japanese Dome is the actual case, and the constant temperature water amusement park in Nantong, Jiangsu is also like this. In winter, operating income is reduced by more than 60% compared with summer. .

How to maximize the efficiency of resource use and operate across seasons throughout the year without off-season?

In the water park project, in winter, you can jump out of rafting to create rafting, jump out of islands to build islands, jump out of hot springs to build hot springs, and expand on the basis of the original project. For example, the most popular rafting river in summer becomes a rafting boat in winter and is used for hunting events. Tourists can sit on the boat and shoot at targets on the shore. Participating in such a project in winter will not be covered with water, which solves the problem of no drifting in winter.

The operation of the water park in winter requires marketing efforts to increase publicity and promotion, and innovation and diversification of promotional methods, such as the introduction of family parent-child packages, unlimited winter vacation passes, and birthdays with three people free of one person and other preferential products to greatly increase traffic. In addition, the winter water park is mainly aimed at family and parent-child tourists, and is based on local sources. In order to attract tourists to repeat consumption, the water park should be reasonably matched in the selection of equipment, mainly with popular equipment suitable for all ages, supplemented by stimulating equipment that some young people like to play. Among them, wave pools and water play villages are indispensable, which can cover all levels of tourists; conventional spiral slides, loudspeakers, etc. can meet the needs of most male and female tourists; high-speed slides, skyrocketing rounds, giant swings and other equipment can be used Appropriate selection to meet the adventurous needs of young people. And multi-person rafting, such as large-scale equipment such as family rafting slides, can also be configured with sufficient funds to achieve an increase in the reception volume.

In addition, if the operation of the winter water park is to be successful, efforts must be made in the early planning and positioning. It can't just be a water park, it needs to be combined with favorite leisure and amusement items such as hot spring health, performance sightseeing, sports fitness, food and entertainment.

Ocean star follow customer’s investment requirements which create an ideal water park supporting facilities for customer . Such as large water park water recreation project, consisting of a large interactive water walled water house, super wave pool, large slide, leisure massage pool, juvenile pool, children's water pool,

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