Introduction Of Chimelong Water Park Parent-child Project Nov 17,2021

Chimelong Water Park will launch the brand new “Chimelong Water Electronic Show” in the new “Water Play Season” in 2018. The Winter Olympics “Beijing 8 Minutes” team will be responsible for the design and production of the well-known Dutch lighting company. The five element concepts of "people, water and fire" and the strongest EDM sound brought by China's top DJ team and well-known MC. Attract many tourists to come to experience. There are many projects for tourists to experience in the park. Today, I will focus on introducing projects in person.

Parent-child project
The focus of the parent-child project is the Water park equipment, which not only allows children to experience joy and excitement in the park, but also brings more joy to each family.

Baby waters
Baby Water City is composed of four parts: water city, water maze, parent-child slides and water play area. It is composed of four special effects water theme areas, including various and colorful cartoon characters, colorful fruits, beautiful flowers, and elf fish. The children are very happy to play in the water together.

The water maze is decorated by various marine creatures, and is composed of various translucent children's slides. The clear water splashed in the big bucket makes the children feel cool. Height restriction: 80cm~150cm.

Family Slide
The Jiahuan slide allows the family to ride a huge floating circle and experience three thrilling journeys of ups and downs together. Visitors sit on the floating ring that has been prepared, screaming from the top of the equipment and glide on the undulating slides all the way to the pool at the bottom of the equipment. Suitable for the whole family to play together.

Big slide
This exciting "big slide" not only provides countless happiness for children, but also guarantees complete safety during the playing in the water. Let parents rest assured that their children will discover an interesting water world of their own here. Height restriction: 80cm-150cm

Small speakers
Considering that many children cannot play the most popular "big horn" slide due to their height, Changlong Water Park specially invited PROSLIDE, a world-renowned water amusement equipment manufacturer, to specially design a "small horn" that is completely suitable for children to play. The circle is specially designed for two people and two seats, which is convenient for parents to accompany their children to play together and share the joy of family. Height restriction: 90cm~150cm (children's facilities)-can be accompanied by parents to participate in the play.

There are many amusement projects in the outdoor water park, and other fun projects must be discovered by yourself.

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