Matters needing attention in water use in water park | Feb 20,2021

A water amusement park is a place with water as the theme and a variety of water entertainment facilities open to the public.

With the rapid economic development and the gradual improvement of living standards, the tourism industry is developing rapidly. The water park has also become one of the stars and is loved by the masses. There are many water park projects, and different businesses plan different projects. The water park is lively, but what should be paid attention to in the water treatment of the water park?

In the water amusement pool project, in addition to the design of a circulating water purification system, a functional water supply system should also be considered. The functional water supply system mainly provides water for recreational facilities, including lubricating water for water slides, water umbrellas, water mushrooms and other recreational water.

The functional water supply system must not share a set of equipment with the pool water circulating purification treatment system. Nowadays most water parks use quartz sand sand tank filtration system, each backwashing takes 15 minutes, and the latest plate and frame diatomaceous earth filtration system, each backwashing only takes 2 minutes, and the amount of water consumed is also It is only one-tenth of the sand filter system. In addition, due to the high filtration accuracy of the plate-and-frame diatomaceous earth filtration system, it can be achieved that there is no need to change water all year round, and the water saving effect is particularly obvious, which can effectively reduce the water cost of daily operations.

Ocean star follow customer’s investment requirements which create an ideal water park supporting facilities for customer . Such as large water park water recreation project, consisting of a large interactive water walled water house, super wave pool, large slide, leisure massage pool, juvenile pool, children's water pool,

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