Multifunctional splash pad--the best choice for community recreation projects Sep 28,2021

At present, communities in many parts of the country hope to provide residents with the convenience facilities and amusement projects they want, but after all, the community’s funds are limited, which requires the community to balance and choose between budget and actual investment. The cost of construction, operation and ongoing maintenance of public swimming pools is a classic example of the unsustainable loss of funds that most communities must deal with.

The construction of community public swimming pools began to introduce splash pad equipment. Sometimes referred to as a sprinkler, water playground, or splash park, a splash pad is a recreation area (usually in a public park) designed for playing in the water, but there is little or no standing water. Although they have been around for several years, the popularity of splash pads has grown steadily in communities across the country in the past decade.

Whether designed as a stand-alone function or as part of a large park complex, splash pads can extend summer cooling options without the high cost of traditional swimming pools. We have been at the forefront of helping communities of all sizes create the perfect splashback layout to complement their existing parks and urban areas. With a large number of available designs and suppliers, the HISTAR WATERPLAY team can guide the community to make the best choice for their specific situation.

Multifunctional splash pad design option provides universal accessibility
Designs range from simple ground nozzles that spray water upward from the deck of the splash pad to more refined works with whimsical ground features that can spray, shower, and pour water. The nozzle is usually controlled by a button to limit the running time and save the water when not in use.

Although the options and arrangements of splash pads are almost endless, most of these facilities use textured, non-slip concrete surfaces to ensure safe play. Color can be added to the concrete to match the existing landscape and other aesthetic features of the area. Many splash pads are also designed with different "zones" to accommodate different levels of activity. High-energy sprays and streams can be used in areas for older children and teenagers, while other areas can be dedicated to low-energy activities where toddlers and their parents can play safely. Perhaps most importantly, the zero entry feature of typical splash guard designs makes them easy to ADA.

Multifunctional splash pad, the best choice for community recreation projects.

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