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The rainbow competition slide is a very classic type of water park amusement water slide. It has multiple parallel designs, usually 3 to 10 slides, which can be slid on the body or on a floating pad. Participants can start to compete at the same time. A series of exciting small slopes will be designed in the middle of the slide. Participants will pass them one by one and finally rush to the finish line.

The participation and interaction of this water slide competition is very strong, and at the same time it has a strong reception ability, so that visitors can participate in the competition many times and get a unique experience of joy and invigoration. The height of the slide can be several meters to tens of meters, the commonly used slide has an inner width of 0.6 meters, and multiple combinations are used.

Outdoor water park rainbow race water slide

Rainbow Slides advantages:

A. There is a unique customer experience, which makes you want to repeat the game after playing.

B. Parallel use, small footprint, saving construction costs.

C. Participation is strong, allowing tourists to compete with each other in exciting play.

D. Can provide a variety of color options and combinations. Very suitable for young people who like challenges and excitement.

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