Requirements For The Production Of Water Slides Dec 23,2019

Water slide is an indispensable water amusement project for water parks. Generally, manufacturers of water park facilities usually use FRP to make water slides, and the production of water slides must comply with relevant national standards, so as to ensure the quality of water park equipment. So what are the requirements? Today, our Oceanstar water park equipment manufacturers came to explain the requirements for the production of water slides.

Outdoor water park equipment

On the one hand,the surface of the water slide should be smooth and without cracks, and the color tone should be uniform. The FRP used should meet at least 3 requirements:

1.The resin should have good water resistance and aging resistance;

2.The fiberglass should be alkali-free glass fiber, and the surface of the fiber should have good wettability;

3.The thickness of the slide shall not be less than 6mm, and the thickness of the flange shall not be less than 9mm.

On the other hand,the inner surface of the water slide is not allowed to have the problems of pore wrinkle bubble curing and poor impregnation and poor crack defect; The back surface is not allowed to have poor curing poor maceration defect burr and other problems; Cutting surface is not allowed to exist layer burr and other problems

It should also be noted that when the water park facilities are observed with the naked eye from a distance of 600mm, problems such as uneven color of repair marks and scars, uneven collection of cloth lines and other problems cannot be clearly seen.

When choosing a water park facility manufacturer, the customer shall choose a water slide manufacturer strictly in accordance with the national standards.OurOceanstarcommitment to the water slide production and installation process of strict control, to ensure that the water park slides safe and reliable quality, customers have no worries

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