Safety Tips About Splash Pads Aug 05,2021
As the temperature rises, parents everywhere are looking for creative new ways to let their children spend a pleasant time in the hot summer. When you live in a place with frequent high temperatures in summer, it may be difficult to find a safe and fun way to play outdoors due to the sun and heat. In recent years, community centers, parks and even daycare centers have shifted from traditional swimming pools to the concept of splash pads.

Water games provide a rich sensory experience for developing children. Playing with water is very important to the child's sensory integration and development. Splash pads provide a great way to do this, but before your children use this kind of fun, please pay attention to what and how you evaluate the safety of splash pads!
Commercial Splash Pads
Here are some tips to ensure the safety of the kids splash pad:

    Pay close attention to your children to ensure their safety. Supervision is irreplaceable;
    Do not run, rough or jump in the splash pad area;
    Make sure the water you use is treated to ensure that everyone can enjoy it safely. Untreated water can cause disease;
    Bring plenty of drinking water to drink. Active children need a lot of water in hot weather;
    Tell your child not to drink the water sprayed from the splash pad, otherwise it will easily lead to illness;
    Let your child change soiled diapers frequently to reduce the risk of contamination;
    Use sunscreen that does not contain chemical substances and apply it frequently to prevent sunburn;

Remember, take every opportunity possible to discuss with your child how to stay safe and stay safe. Most injuries are predictable and preventable.

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