Suggestions for investment in water park improvement——Water amusement equipment Dec 17,2020

Suggestions for investment in water park improvement——Water amusement equipment

The first is refined talent allocation: The key to the investment and operation of water parks is not only to choose the equipment of the water parks. Among the factors affecting the profit and loss of the project, an efficient and precise operation management team is the most basic and most important. Therefore, attracting talents, finding suitable management talents, and fine-tuning the operation is the key to ensuring the operation of the water park.

The second is refined market analysis: Refined market analysis is an important means for water parks to make profits. You can hire a company to do market research. What kind of projects the market needs is completely implemented according to the market's guidance.

The third is refined operating specifications: The operation of safety regulations is related to the operation of the entire water park. Every behavior in operation has certain regulations and requirements, and every employee should abide by these regulations, so that the basic operation of the water park is more standardized.

The fourth is refined safety management: Safety is an eternal factor that cannot be ignored in the water park. Accidental injuries in water parks are much higher than land parks. There are a lot of bruises, bruises and knocks every day, and the management should have a deep understanding. If tourists are hurt while looking for joy, the experience is very poor. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a safety management system for water parks, establish a business philosophy that safety is greater than the sky, innovate safety management, innovate in safety management methods, and make the management of water parks more stringent, standardized and refined.

The fifth is refined water quality management: The essence of a water park is water. The safety of the water body is related to the operation of the water park, and it is also related to the physical and mental health of tourists. Therefore, we must improve water quality and ensure water safety. Shanghai has very strict requirements in this regard. It requires the establishment of a real-time dynamic water quality tracking system, and the real-time release of water quality status on the Internet. I believe it will be expanded nationwide in the future. Regulatory departments have become more and more stringent in the supervision of water quality, so water park managers must pay attention to the safety of water quality, so that tourists can play safely and at ease.

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