• Water park equipment supplier- Oceanstar Dec 27,2018
    Oceanstar is a dedicated to the design of interactive splash products and water game products manufacturer, to encourage children to experience water in a unique way.  Our water park equipment,combining general entertainment knowledge and experience with water recreation areas, make us  valuable partner in all our customers' water playground equipment projects. CONTACT US.
  • Effect of experience quality on perceived value, satisfaction, Image and Behavioral intention of visitors to Water Park Dec 27,2018
    A conceptual model was proposed to study how the perception of quality of experience affects the perceived value, image, customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions of people who visit the water park for the first time and for the first time.  The study found that the quality of experience of participants has a significant impact on perceived value, water park image and customer satisfact...
  • Whirlwind Tornado slide Jan 10,2019
    Tornado slide also is named Whirlwind, it's an extremely thrilling, four person tube ride where riders accelerate down a steep tunnel with maximum speed of 12m/s before entering the base of the tornado funnel.  Their momentum will allow riders to travel high up the opposite wall of the funnel, experiencing momentary weightlessness before oscillating back and forth in the narrowing funnel towa...
  • ADG Surfing Beach -- The Boadyboarder-only Wave Pool Feb 22,2019
    ADG Surfing beach -- The boadyboarder in wave pool  Aquatic Development Group (adg) is a designer and builder of water parks and waterpark attractions, as well as a licensed owner of the Flowrider in the northern United States. The company has also developed breaker beaches, sending two passengers to wave pools every 8 seconds.  According to its developers, the structure exclusively made...
  • Mishap At Six Flags Water Park Feb 22,2019
    Mishap At Six Flags Water Park a woman Said she was whipped last month by Typhoon Tornado new slide -No Government Official Has Carried Out Security Checks At Six Flags St. Louis . Officials Said it is not surprising that the slide has gone unchecked by the government, though 80 million people flock to about 1, 000 water parks in the United States every year. The ride is exempt from...
  • Analysis On The Structure Of Amusement Equipment Mar 05,2019
    At present, there are more only children, so adults pay more attention to the children, so many suitable for children to play will do their best to achieve, amusement equipment is the current children's favorite one, So what are the specific structures of the amusement equipment? Then I will give you a simple talk, I hope to help you. In general, the amusement facilities installed in amusement pla...
  • Exciting high speed slide Mar 12,2019
    High speed slide To give a feeling of maxmum vertical drop to the riders, these riders tend to be straight forward drops from start to end. With our speed slide riders can experience the highest ride speed from the tallest start towers. As a result, these slides are definitely the most exciting riders, and are also some of the most dramstic slides due to their height. The slides belonging to this ...
  • Super bowl slide Mar 19,2019
    Super bowl slide Super bowel slide is engineered to combine the excitement of the space bowl and the joy of the tube slide in one slide. It brings you unparalleled excitement! Seated in a 4 person raft, you will be dropped into a huge bowl after experiencing a blace tunnel which makes you close your eyes umconsciously. Before you calm down a little with turns in the bowl, bowl whirls driven you to...
  • Giant space bowl slide Mar 20,2019
    Space bowl slide Space bowl slide is engineered to creat ultimate excitement and is one of the largest rides for speed riding. Guests experience three different levels of in one slide. Starting an enclosed tube exciting into a huge ipen bowl and continuing with several whirls around the slides of the bowl with centrifugal force. The ride finallly ends with a big splash into the hole. Specs: Platfo...
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