What Are The Advantages of Water Slides Equipment? Aug 26,2021
Water park is a popular playground in summer. It is mainly a large-scale comprehensive playground with water as the theme and integrating leisure, entertainment and sports. Water slides, water toys, etc. are the main components of the water park. Among them, water slides stand out and are very popular. Park equipment.

Water Slide Equipment is generally made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, coated with gel coat, with rich colors, high strength, good plasticity, and good corrosion resistance. They can also be designed with higher heights and shapes according to the terrain, such as straight and curved , Spiral, the color scheme can be adjusted according to customer needs. The advantages of this type of equipment are actually the advantages of FRP products, mainly in three aspects:

1. Corrosion resistance
The difference in resin performance makes FRP have different corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time under the corrosive environment of different acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, gas and liquid media.

2. Lightweight and high strength
The combination of alkali-free glass fiber yarn and resin gives the product unique light-weight and high-strength characteristics. The specific gravity of the product is only 1/4 of that of steel materials, which is suitable for various load-bearing structures in corrosive environments.

3. Anti-aging

High-quality matrix resin plus anti-aging additives make the water slide amusement equipment have long-lasting anti-aging performance, can maintain long-term gloss and continuous high strength, and the service life can generally reach more than 10 years.

Water Slides Equipment

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