What are the forms of water parks Nov 05,2019

Water park classification we can be classified according to form and consumption pattern, according to the two ways of classification what are there.

Classified by form:

1. Outdoor water park
Most of the domestic water parks are outdoor water parks. The general operation period is from June to August in summer, and some parts of the south can operate for six months from the end of April to October.

2, indoor water park
Indoor water parks are generally in commercial complexes and generally operate year-round, but the operating costs in winter are high and the actual market demand is small, resulting in many indoor water parks being closed in winter or converted into parent-child parks.

3, integrated water park - outdoor + indoor, land + water
The comprehensive water park refers to both outdoor and indoor parts, and some are land parks and water parks, including water parks such as the Fonte and Happy Valley series of water parks.

4, hot spring water park - water park combined with hot springs
The hot spring water park is a cross-border water park that combines water parks and hot springs in recent years. Using the characteristics of hot springs and the characteristics of water parks, these two different seasons and different forms of water parks are combined.
It can solve the problem of winter water parks in the outdoor water park, and solve the problem of no business in the hot springs. This new attempt has yet to be tested by the market.

Outdoor water park

Classified by consumption pattern

1, urban leisure and entertainment
The urban recreational water park generally refers to the city, and the main consumer group is the local residents, which belongs to the city supporting the local residents for leisure and entertainment services.

2, travel vacation
Tourist vacation-type water parks generally have a certain distance from major cities, and most consumers have accommodation needs.
According to the characteristics of its projects, it is divided into hot spring resort type, coastal resort type, and tourism destination type

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