What are the key designs for building a mobile water park in 2021 | Oceanstarchn.com Jan 28,2021

The construction of a mobile water park in 2021 can be designed according to the size of the site. No matter how big the investment site is, the following points are generally inseparable. Follow Ocean Star, let's go and see!

1. Design of functional area

Generally speaking, the passenger flow of the water park is concentrated in the middle of the water park, because the area has more water entertainment facilities, and most of them are areas where young people and couples play together. However, the water park also has some elderly and women with children. Usually, these tourists are not as physically fit as young people. On the other hand, it is not convenient for the elderly and children to enter the water. Therefore, the children’s swimming pool should be separated from the central play area, and space should be properly reserved.

2. Design of safe operation

This is the most important point in the operation of the water park. If an accident occurs, it will affect the normal operation of the park for a long time. Inspections must be carried out before opening. For the three months of June, July and August each year, it is the peak period of tourists. Therefore, during the planning and design of the park, the setting of rescue passages should also be considered, and during the operation period, the passages should not be blocked for any reason.

3. Design of supporting facilities

The shower room must have a door or curtain to protect the privacy of the visitor and avoid embarrassment. The comfort of the visitor's experience is an important factor in determining whether he repeats consumption.

4. the design of the gourmet area

The gourmet area is necessary in the planning and design of the mobile water park and can be planned according to the size of the site. The food area is also a rest area. Rest facilities should be provided. When conditions permit, inflatable reclining chairs can also be provided. At the same time, the management of food waste should also be considered. Each spot should have trash bins and clean them in time to maintain regional environmental hygiene. .

Planning and design can be large or small. Before investing in a mobile water park, planning some key designs first can save a lot of trouble!

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