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The water park is a very detailed project. As we all know, in the water park, the Water play project is one of the most important amusement projects, and many water amusement facilities are set up in accordance with the theme of splashing. So what kind of water slides are there in the water park? Let Ocean Star show you.

Trumpet Water Slide

Small Trumpet Water Park Slide

The Trumpet Water Slide is currently one of the most popular large-scale equipment in the world. The rapid water slide, like a fish rushing through the rapids, makes people feel the excitement that they have never had before. The strong sense of weightlessness makes people suddenly seem to leave the original existence. The earth, forgetting himself, involuntarily yelled and screamed, and got a rare moment of catharsis under the heavy work pressure. It has excitement and a new way of playing. It is a favorite facility of tourists.

High Speed Water Slide

High Speed Fiberglass Water Slides

The High Speed Water Slide allows a family or a group of friends to sit together and experience this happiness together. Starting from a high altitude, after traversing a spiral chute of tens of meters at high speed, he quickly descended nearly ten meters and dived to the lowest point, and then rushed to the top of a large landslide at a time when he was shocked, challenged the limit of gravity, and dived down again. Returning to the pool steadily is one of the most popular facilities in the water park.

Rainbow Race Slide

Family Commercial Wide Water Slide

It is a kind of very classic water park playground slide. It has multiple parallel designs, usually 3~10, which can be used to slide on the body or on a floating mat and start the competition at the same time. The participation and interaction of the equipment is very strong, allowing visitors to participate in the competition many times and get a unique experience of joy and invigoration.

Space Bowl Slide

Children Space Bowl Slide

Also known as the vortex slide, tourists ride a kayak, slide down from a platform more than ten meters high, and after passing a fully enclosed tubular slide tens of meters long, they will rush into a giant bowl with a diameter of 15 meters at high speed. Driven by the centrifugal force, visitors seem to be spinning in space, dazzling, and finally sucked into the hole in the middle of the bowl. Visitors will enjoy an unforgettable sliding experience, and the scream will accompany the sliding.

Spiral slide

Commercial Open Water Slide

It is one of the earliest developed and commonly used slides. The most popular and classic amusement facility in water parks. Almost every water park has a combination of spiral slides.

Closed Spiral Slide

Outdoor Spiral Closed Tube Slide

It is a classic double-track combination slide with low cost, small footprint and unique experience. You can slide directly with your body. The barrel slide is not closed. After you enter, you can’t see the black hole outside. It instantly rushes down into the sinking pool. It is especially suitable for young people who like to explore and challenge speed for fun; the sled slide is open The slide has a tendency to be thrown upwards at the end. When playing, it will be thrown up 3~5 meters and then fall into the pool. The experience is unique and unique, especially suitable for challenging and exciting young people to play.

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