What details should be paid attention to when running a water park? Jul 30,2021

Trended by the market, splash pads and parent-child paradise are very popular in recent years. The reason is the characteristics of low investment, safety, sanitation, water saving and environmental protection, convenient and simple maintenance, and strong theme and cultural expression.

How does the operator manage a water park? Four issues that need attention:

1. In the selection of manufacturers of water amusement facilities, companies with production qualifications and technical specifications must be selected to ensure the safety of equipment operations;

2. The planning and design of the water park, according to the customer groups in summer, choose the relevant equipment and auxiliary facilities suitable for parent-child interaction, youth competition and swimming sports, leisure and entertainment;

3. To create the environment of the park, it is necessary to create a leisure and entertainment environment, so that every customer who enters the park can find a sense of relaxation;

4. various activities must be held frequently to meet the needs of customers for multiple consumption.

water park splash pad

At the same time, during the operation of the water park, special attention should be paid to putting safety issues first, mainly water and electricity and wind protection issues. All power supplies in the park need to be equipped with leakage protection devices, and they must be checked regularly every day. The safety of water must be equipped with lifeguards according to national standards. All equipment must be fixed. The management regulations of the park must also be strictly .

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