What is the difference between indoor and outdoor water parks | Oceanstarchn.com Jan 14,2021

More and more parents like to take their children to the water park for a wonderful holiday. What is the difference between an indoor water park and an outdoor water park? Let Ocean Star show you today.

Children water park equipment

1. The difference between water park equipment

Indoor water parks will choose suitable equipment due to the indoor structure and the height of the house, and usually not particularly large equipment. However, outdoor water parks are not limited by these factors and can choose large and exciting equipment.

2. Construction and installation cycle

Generally, the installation cycle of a large outdoor water park is much longer than the indoor installation cycle.

3. Will not be restricted by weather

The indoor water park can be open 365 days a year, and will not be closed due to the weather, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy their body and mind. The outdoor water park is affected by the weather. Business may be closed in severe or cold weather.

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