Which water supply system is more suitable for your splash pad design? Dec 17,2021

If you start planning a splash pad, you must make a decision as early as possible. And the sooner the better.

Of course, the water flow is the core of the splash pad, and everyone enjoys it. For the water source, you have two options: flow rate or recirculation. They all apply to your installation, but one of them may be more suitable for you.

Splash Pad Playground

Pass-through system

The circulation system is also called drinking water, fresh water or urban water supply system and is powered by the water (and water pressure) of the local municipal water supply system. The same one that provides tap water.

Fresh water uses municipal water pressure to power the water feature and its spray pattern. After that, the water is discharged into the municipal sewer system.

The up-front cost of the pass-through system is lower because no pumps, filters or other equipment are required. However, they are constantly using fresh water, which is a continuous cost. Therefore, in areas where water resources are expensive, they may not be the right choice.

Recirculation system

The recirculation system is also called a water quality management system, which uses equipment to continuously monitor, pump, filter and chemically treat the same reservoir.

In addition to saving more water, the recirculation system can also better control the water quality and the water pressure through the splash pad device.

However, your upfront and ongoing costs may be higher than the pass-through system. The upfront cost includes the equipment needed to store, pump, and treat the water. Ongoing costs include electricity to run equipment, water treatment chemicals, water testing and equipment maintenance. Moreover, you still need continuous water costs to replenish the water lost due to evaporation.

Two different water supply systems, you can choose according to your own conditions.

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