Children's water park equipment is inseparable from high-tech innovation Jul 27, 2019
As one of the children's theme park projects, the water park has blossomed in various large, medium and small cities in recent years.
There is also a close relationship between the development of Chinese children's water park equipment and the development of China's theme park industry.
After the reform and opening up, in the 1980s and 1990s, theme parks were quickly introduced into China, and presented two basic forms of artificial miniature landscapes and urban amusement parks.
After that, dozens of water parks were built in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Suzhou and Zhuhai.
However, the children's water park equipment built during this period generally has a small area and a small investment amount, most of which are only 10,000 square meters, and the investment amount is only one or 20 million yuan, mainly using domestic equipment.
In addition, due to unreasonable market positioning, high ticketing, fierce competition, poor management, inconvenient transportation, safety problems and many other reasons, most of them are generally "one year" except for a small number of upgrades that can continue to operate and even grow.
The short life cycle of Xing, two years of prosperity, three years of decline, and four years of defeat has been transformed into residential, urban public facilities and other uses.
On the whole, the development of children's water parks in this period is on the one hand learning the development process and experience of the West, but more depends on self-exploration.
The collapse of a large number of water parks has provided useful experience and lessons for further improvement and upgrading of the industry.
The basic laws of the development of some water parks have been effectively summarized.

The status and role of the theme, location, investment, marketing, profit and supervision in the construction and development of the water park have been recognized by the scientific system, thus laying the foundation for the large-scale development of the water park after 2000.

children's theme park projects

Since 2010, China's water parks have entered the track of rapid and large-scale development.
At present, there are more than 240 large and medium-sized water parks in China, of which more than 80% are completed and operated after 2010. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 large and medium-sized water parks planned to be built.
Despite this, compared with the big water park countries, the total number of water parks in China and the per capita possession still have a considerable gap.
Corresponding to the rapid growth in quantity, the rapid expansion of the construction area.
According to the statistics collected, before 2010, the construction area of large and medium-sized water parks in China was close to 6,000 mu, and this data reached 35,000 mu in 2010-2016, which is 5 times of the previous construction area.
From the development stage, China's water park equipment is in a stage of rapid development.
It is characterized by rapid growth in quantity, increasing scale, and geographical proximity to developed large cities, mainly to meet the leisure and entertainment needs of the family and local markets, supported by the rapid growth of the middle class and the rapid development of urbanization.
This stage is roughly equivalent to the development stage of the water park in the 1970s.
At present, with the slow economic growth and the aging population, foreign water parks have entered a mature stage, showing a steady growth in quantity, a high degree of market segmentation, and a high degree of multi-functional industry combination.

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