Eight preparations for the establishment of a water park Jun 25, 2019
1,The location and size of the water park is determined on the basis of existing local passenger flow, traffic conditions, consumption level and self-employed team. Don't just imitate others. Superior position, convenient location, large passenger flow, convenient transportation. For size, it must be based on a combination of factors such as local passenger flow, consumption levels and operational teams. In northern cities, consumption peaks are mainly in June, July and August. One reason is that summer temperatures are the highest, and in recent months, water parks can not only provide entertainment, but also cool down. Second, children are the main consumer group, this period is just in time for summer vacation, so parents are willing to accompany them. 

2,In recent years, the configuration of water park equipment is also different. Relatively less body contact sliding, but prefer the complex of large composite sports water slide. At the same time, family consumers should take into account the configuration of water park equipment. Equipped with more home entertainment equipment for all ages to avoid the accumulation of equipment and allow enough space for development. It is hoped that there will be new breakthroughs, such as the distribution of water amusement equipment running throughout the year, equipment combined with marine life or land equipment, and so on. 

3,Before building a water park, we should first understand the planning of the water park equipment manufacturer, and then reasonably configure the water park equipment according to the actual situation. In the construction of water park, there must be a complete area where tourists rest and sunshine, a commercial dining area and a garden greening matching area. After two or three years of operation, the water park must be updated to support its sustainable development. 

4,There should be a lot of investors who invest in water park facilities, who prefer foreign equipment and spend a lot of money on imported glass fiber reinforced plastic slides. However, they do not pay much attention to the system equipment which can guarantee the normal operation of the equipment: they choose the steel structure which supports the glass fiber reinforced plastic slide block by the manufacturer with the experience of lack of experience, non-digestion, poor modification and low cost, so as to ensure the good connection of the glass fiber reinforced plastic slide block and the steel structure; The mechanical and electrical products used in the water supply system are poor in quality and can not provide a sufficient amount of water; the room is not ventilated, does not drain, and is not even waterproof. If there is not enough money to guarantee the normal use of the imported equipment, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the imported products. 

5,The integrity and accuracy of water park design is particularly important. One of the biggest differences between water amusement parks and other theme parks is that systems that ensure the normal operation of water amusement equipment are hidden underground. The whole park management system, water supply and drainage system, electrical control system of water supply, water treatment system, design of each computer room, design of each sink and coordinate size of each hangar should be taken into account. Reasonable allocation of tourism routes, reasonable setting up of corresponding shopping, catering, rest and public facilities. 

6,After the inspection and acceptance of the water park, the possibility of an accident is very small if properly used in accordance with the operation instructions. The neglect of the details in the construction process is the biggest cause of frequent injury to the tourists. Slip damage caused by poor anti-slip measures is the most serious accident in the park, by scratches and jounce-edges and cracks as a potential hazard for tourists. Therefore, we must strictly deal with where all the tourists may be in contact with the construction of the water park in order to ensure the safety of the tourist.

7,During the construction, we must abide by the requirements of the civil construction to avoid operating illegally for rush hour. Now, the most controversial issues in the water park are: what are the best materials for the bottom of the pond and the bottom of the water pool? What is the most slippery material for the road on the water park? Whatever the materials are, the quality of the civil construction must be guaranteed first. The foundation sinking of the water park, the fracture of the pipe and the decoration and shedding of the surface of the water pool are mostly caused by the rush deadlines, so we must obey the science standard of construction.

8,Currently, most of the water quality of domestic water parks gradually becomes cloudy and sometimes becomes milky and pungent during the busy season. Some investors have imported excellent filtration equipment from abroad for improving water quality but without an ideal result. The water treatment is made up of a system of circulation, purification, filtration, disinfection and monitoring. The water quality can not be guaranteed by a reasonable system design without a reasonable system design.

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