Five Mistakes of Investing in Indoor Children's Water Park Nov 21, 2019

Indoor children's water park has become an indispensable part of children's play project, in the white heat of the competition situation, as a water park investors, how to break through the market competition, win the market first? Investors easy to make investment mistakes, whether you have been recruited.Today, Guanghzou oceanstar water park equipment co., ltd  to come and talk with you: investment indoor children's water park five misconceptions.

From the perspective of the development and evolution trend of water parks around the world, water parks can be roughly divided into the following four types. Second, it is the amusement complex, the water amusement area in the large-scale theme park, such as Maya water park in shenzhen happy valley; Third, it is a commercial supporting type, a small indoor water park in the commercial complex; Four, is a single independent type, with an independent operation of a single water park.

The following analysis is carried out for a single independent water park

Indoor children's water park

Myth One, the lack of necessary market research in the early stage, the scale of park investment is too large, and even local formation of vicious competition.

Some investors hold the "no maximum, only larger" comparison psychology, think that as long as the capital in place, it will get a rich return, while ignoring the relationship between investment and the market. Because the scale of investment, will inevitably lead to the maintenance of the water park normal operation of the larger number of visitors. Especially in the third and fourth-tier cities, the population, economic capacity is relatively inadequate, but also can not support the scale of the water park. For example, a place in Hunan is ready to build a new water park, positioning as the construction of the world's largest water park, so the light water park planning covers an area of thousands of acres, of which the wave pool covers an area of an astonishing two hundred acres.

In recent years, some investors see the domestic overall amusement market demand is strong, completely regardless of the development of the local market law, blindly on the horse water park project, will eventually lead to local water park nausea competition, resulting in unnecessary waste of funds. According to statistics, in 2017 in Chengde City, Hebei Province, has opened or is ready to open the water park will reach five. In Chengde, such third- and fourth-tier cities, what can support five water parks at the same time to operate?

Myth two, the park planning is not reasonable, touristflow line is not smooth.

Some developers put a large amount of money budget to buy water play equipment, planning and design, theme packaging, operation and management and other links of insufficient investment. Part of the park tourist flow planning is not reasonable, tour is not smooth or even summer the whole park in the hot sun, resulting in poor experience for tourists, high complaint severity, for the operation of the water park buried the root of the disease. For example, a water park in the fourth-tier city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, buys a full set of domestic plastic water play equipment, the construction fee of the park is not high, the next year to change equipment. Another example is a water park in Hubei, when the construction did not consider the effect of summer shade, the result of operating a year down the shade problem has become the most complaints of tourists.

Myth three, the park tickets are overpriced, the rate of tourist re-visit is low.

According to the 2015 Guangdong Provincial Bulletin's Water Park Consumption Survey Report, 85% of water park tickets are over 100 and secondary consumption is too high. Some developers hope to quickly recover costs through high tickets, but excessive ticket pricing often exceeds the psychological tolerance of tourists, and becomes a barrier for tourists to visit the water park.

Myth FOUR, the lack of theme packaging, the overall attraction is limited.

On the surface of the country in recent years, the construction of water park unusually hot, in 2015 alone, there are 26 water parks in the country, but the development of most of the water park lack of distinct themes and cultural creativity, most lying pure equipment stacking, with real estate development and construction ideas and techniques to plan, build, operate water park Some water parks are homogenized, the overall attraction is insufficient, and the market attraction is limited.

Myth five, the project portfolio is a single, the seasonal effect is obvious.

One of the biggest features of the indoor children's water park is that it is not seasonal, heated and open all year round. Every summer, tourists flock to it, but they can also be open in winter, spring and autumn. One of the biggest features of the outdoor water park is its strong seasonality and relatively short opening hours. Every summer, tourists flock to, but until winter and spring can only close the park, basically the province's water park operating time is about 3-6 months. A single product attribute, resulting in the water park in winter and summer, the seasonal effect is obvious.

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