How to avoid damage caused by Water park equipment Apr 24, 2019

How to avoid damage caused by Water park equipment 

Normally in order to avoid the damage to the water amusement equipment, the management of the amusement equipment should pay attention to the following points: 

1. The amusement equipment management unit shall be equipped with sufficient rescue personnel and life-saving equipment, and the facilities which are not easy to observe the water surface shall be equipped with high guard posts. Life-saving personnel clothing shall be uniform, easy to identify and equipped with appropriate contact equipment, communication equipment and life-saving tools. 

2.The amusement equipment management unit shall set up conspicuous tourism instructions and warning signs in the relevant parts of the equipment and facilities. When the amusement equipment is in danger of exceeding the predetermined position in operation, the limited-bit control and the limited-position control device shall be used. Control devices shall be safe and reliable. 

3. The amusement equipment management unit shall select the amusement facilities and equipment that meet the requirements of safety specifications, and within 30 days after it is put into use, it shall register with the local safety supervision and administration department for special equipment, And set up the level of the technical documents of the amusement facilities. 

4. Play equipment must be checked before daily operation. After checking and running, the equipment can be run formally, and the operation record. 

5. The amusement equipment shall be thoroughly inspected and maintained every six months, and the inspection, maintenance contents and results shall be recorded and archived. The use of hazardous chemicals shall be supervised by specialized personnel and set up corresponding warning signs. 

6. Operators of large-scale amusement equipment and relevant management personnel shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, be assessed by the safety supervision and administration department of special equipment and obtain certificates of special operation personnel of the national uniform format, which shall not be engaged in.

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