How to control the investment costs of water parks Jul 05, 2019

Today, let's talk about investing in water parks. Investment in water parks, in addition to land that can be purchased or leased, generally includes design costs, civil costs, landscaping packaging costs and water park equipment costs. After the overall design plan is completed, all cost bases can be budgeted. In fact, the size of all costs, first of all, should be based on equipment, how to control the investment costs of water parks?

First of all, clearly identify the target population of the water park, combined with the local situation and consumption habits, if local teenagers are very fond of freshwater and irritating water projects, and lack this project, they should focus on projects on stimulus equipment, such as high-speed slides, fast slides and competition slides. Conditions can even be in a loudspeaker slide or a huge beast bowl slide. If there are many children in the area, and parents attach great importance to activities between children and adults, children's aquariums, children's slides, children's octopus slides, family slides, child horn slides and children's sky slides can be used. Planned and targeted target customers can save costs and make parks more popular.

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Second, many investors tend to choose some of the least familiar water parks to save costs. Some companies have just started business or mismanaged, they choose low price is helpless, but often because of inexperience or no certain profit, so that the project will not cause a lot of rework or safety, or even make investors blind investment, but make the cost rise sharply.

Once again, many investors do not accept professional advice and only consider saving or reducing costs when building and selecting equipment. Or choose some materials or equipment that are not suitable for water entertainment, resulting in a lot of consumption. Water park is a systematic project. If you want to do a good job, you can't just save money. It is very important to choose a professional company with many years of experience in this industry. A professional company will help you customize your controls, whether it's cost control, campus experience, product quality and installation details.

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