How to prevent water park equipment safety accident Oct 25, 2019

Surabaya is a serious safety accident in the water amusement park. If it is not detected and rescued early, it will lead to the death of tourists!


1. Allocate a sufficient number of lifeguards in key waters (artificial waves, drifting rivers, etc.);

2. Enhance safety training for lifeguards and life-saving technical training;

3. Assign corresponding life-saving equipment (such as oxygen cylinders, automatic defibrillators, etc.);

4. During the operation period, all the pools in the garden area need to be assigned staff for safety monitoring;

5. Perform simulation exercises regularly;


Collision refers to the safety accident caused by the collision of tourists with each other. In the common tsunami artificial surf pool or water slide, tsunami artificial surfing is the most exciting and popular amusement project in the water park. It is very popular among tourists. 

There are many tourists, and the impact of the waves is very strong, which will cause tourists to collide with each other and cause a safety accident. At the same time, when the artificial surfing is carried out, the tourists are more likely to cause scratches or arm dislocation; in addition, In the water slide, if the operator did not operate properly, he did not observe it carefully. In the case that the front passenger had not completely left the water slide, another passenger was released, causing two tourists to “crash” and have serious safety. accident;


1. Do a good job in system safety training for employees;

2. Explain and inform the tourists about the safety of play;

3. Increase safety warning devices for water slides (such as passing traffic lights, etc.)


Tourists who go to the water park wear swimwear, and most of their faces are exposed outside, losing the protection of clothing, and it is very easy to cause scratches during the play;

1. Excluding safety hazards, all places in the park that may be in contact with the park, such as railings, handrails, columns, steps, seats, slide surfaces, floor coverings, landscape packaging, etc., must not have sharp protrusions, cracks,
Burr, etc.

2, check at any time, timely rectification;

D,Fall injury

The fall is the most common safety accident in the water park. It is determined by the characteristics of the water park. The wet and slippery nature of the water park ground, coupled with the lack of self-protection awareness during the fun of the tourists, especially the children are slippery.
When running on the ground, it is most likely to cause a fall; some visitors who wear the slippers in the water park will also cause falls, especially wearing disposable cloth slippers arranged in the hotel. It is very slippery after being wet, and it is easy to fall.
Injury accident

1. Anti-slip treatment on the ground (such as laying anti-slip mats, etc.);

2. Set anti-skid safety warning signs in multiple places;

3. Conduct a safety broadcast to visitors;

4. Arrange for employees to control in key areas when necessary;

5. Prompt and dissuade the inappropriate wearing of tourists;

E,Floating overturn

Floating rafts refer to the sliding mats, floating rings, and floating rafts (multiple people) used by tourists in water parks. For various reasons, the sliding posture of tourists is not correct, and the focus of tourists is unreasonable.
Nervous or fear of loosening the impetuous handle, water equipment design safety defects and other factors cause a safety accident caused by impetuous overturning;

1. Carry out safety inspection on the adopted floating raft to ensure safe use;

2. Use the voice, picture, text and video to inform the tourists of the correct sliding posture;

3. The employee conducts repeated test slips to ensure the safety of taxiing;

The safety of water parks requires the staff's high sense of responsibility, meticulous work, and the construction of equipment safety systems, strengthening safety operation training, and enhancing staff safety awareness.
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