Investment In Water Park Facilities And Equipment Distribution Sep 12, 2019

Guangzhou Oceanstar has always created a reasonable combination of water attractions for investment in water park customers and developed a unique water park experience. Through the reasonable combination of water slides, water villages, children's play area, wave pool, drifting river, etc., the balance of water stimulation and relaxation can be realized. Through the scientific setting, the main large-scale scenic spots of the park need to be arranged separately. Tourists are scattered in the park and guide tourists through catering and sales to increase the secondary consumption of tourists. Then, as a major equipment product of the water park, how should the layout be more scientific and reasonable? The Wangming International Project is used as a case to analyze the distribution of major equipment products in Water Park.

Wave pool

wave pool supplier

The wave pool is a standard for ordinary water parks, and the wave pool is also a core attraction and distribution center for water parks. A large number of leisure seats should be arranged around the wave pool. The wave pool is generally arranged at the exit of the water equipment, and a number of roads lead to the wave pool area.
Planning and design points: wave height, wave pool shape (usually fan-shaped arrangement), wave pool depth, wave level of wave pool.

Water slide

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Water slides are the main type of equipment for water parks. There are many types of slides, and the number of stimulating slides is certainly not small. However, in addition to the stimulating slides, family-type slides are needed to meet the needs of people of all ages.
The slides need to be considered to control the flow of people, and the layout is arranged to avoid crowding the centralized slides.
Planning and design points: equipment selection considers equipment price, altitude, target customer group, slope and so on.

Lazy river

drifting river

The drifting river has a large tourist capacity and can be segmented with different water flow speeds. The Drift River also assumes the function of transporting tourists in the water park, which can send tourists to different attractions. The drifting river layout is preferably surrounded by most of the park's important equipment and has multiple entrances and exits. Planning and design points: drifting river length, width, tourist capacity, theme and fun (both sides of the drifting river).

Children water play area

children's area

The children's area provides a play area for children that is not affected by other attractions, while also meeting the needs of families to play together. The children's area should be located close to the entrance or center of the park so that parents can see the children at all times, but separate from the attractions of adult tourists. Planning and design points: According to the age of children of different ages, the length of the ramp and the depth of the pool can meet the needs of children and school-age children.

Guangzhou Oceanstar Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first water park in China dedicated to stainless steel water park equipment engineering company, integrating Chinese characteristics and parent-child theme play projects, covering R&D, design, production, construction, operation, resource integration and solution. Professional brand. Provide one-stop whole-site solutions for customers to invest in water parks. Headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou.

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