Open indoor children's water park, these decoration details you need to know Aug 29, 2019
Many investors are preparing to open an indoor children's water park, but it is not clear how the interior children's water park is decorated and managed. Now let the starfish sort out these details.

A:Main decoration

Wall: Painted with environmentally-friendly latex paint, decorated with painted or wallpaper as needed, or with hanging paintings and posters.
The water park area is made of waterproof soft pack wallpaper.

Floor: The floor is made of waterproof decorative film or non-slip floor tiles.

Barrier: If there is a need to make a barrier, use a floor-to-ceiling glass curtain or a large glass window as a space to allow parents to observe the child's condition and prevent the pool from losing heat.

Ventilation: The indoor water park is a sealed environment and is humid, prone to odor and mold.
Therefore, a good ventilation environment is very important, and special ventilation facilities are installed to eliminate indoor air and purify the air.
In addition, it should be noted that ventilation equipment should be installed away from water and drainage equipment.

Decoration: The park should cater to the children's tastes, and spend a lot of time on wallpapers, ornaments, and rings to create a colorful indoor children's water park, so that children don't want to go, but still want to come!

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B:Water supply and drainage pipes, heating and distribution

Water supply pipe: There is no special requirement for the diameter of the general water supply pipe. The water pipe should be straightened as much as possible to shorten the length of the pipeline and reduce the heat loss during water supply.

Drainage pipe: The large swimming pool requires a large displacement, so the diameter of the drainage pipe is generally 75mm-110mm, and some sites are even 160mm.

Related temperature and heating: The temperature of the water body is 32-34 degrees Celsius throughout the year; the temperature of the air is 26-28 degrees Celsius; the temperature of the floor is 29-31 degrees Celsius; the relative humidity is between 50% and 65%.
Heating is generally selected by natural gas boiler heating, which has the characteristics of fast heating speed, large water flow and low operating cost.

Power distribution: Due to the high humidity of the indoor children's water park, the wires should be buried. All electrical equipment, metal parts and devices must be grounded and kept away from the swimming pool.


Disinfection: Water parks should be disinfected regularly. Disinfection with disinfectant should meet the following requirements: (1) strong bactericidal ability and continuous sterilization; (2) no water pollution, no change in water quality; (3) no stimulation to the human body Hazard; (4) less corrosive to equipment and pipelines.
Ozone disinfection, chlorine disinfection

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