Operation Guide for Preliminary Construction and Operation of Water Park | Histar Dec 17, 2020

From the initial project concept formation to the construction, completion, and smooth operation of the water park, scientific operation management is essential.

Oriented by the effective operation of the landing, summarize and summarize the important matters of the early construction and operation of the water park:

1. Team formation Set operational goals and set job functions; check the workload of each employee; hire temporary helpers, contractors, and consultants; divide responsibilities for employees.

2. Expense formulation Familiar with the feasibility study report, share financial goals with employees and the company team; formulate discount and marketing strategies; establish classification ticket system and marketing activities; formulate code of conduct, operating hours, and refund system.

3. Develop financial planning. Establish accounting rules and regulations, necessary files and documents, and plan cashier areas.

4. Develop a marketing plan. Develop a feasible marketing plan, plan timeline, theme, name, slogan, theme music, etc.; and prepare for social media marketing.

5. Form a business plan. Set goals, timelines, and long-term plans; set task descriptions, current and short-term goals, communicate with the board of directors and management, and form a business plan.

6. Start the registration and construction process. The sooner the registration and the construction process start, the better. First of all, you need to determine the highlights of the first year. Don’t think that “someone will come as long as it is built”. Keep it simple and convenient, and focus on new facilities.

7. Formulate a policy manual, including task descriptions, operating rules, organizational structure, job descriptions, salary descriptions, tourist rules, fee descriptions, classification definitions, ticketing regulations, refund regulations, etc. Note: In this process, it is necessary to centrally organize the park rules and regulations, inspect similar parks, display them in the main office area, and ensure compliance with relevant government laws and regulations.

8. Develop an emergency management plan. Work with the emergency team to develop a standardized system that needs to be reviewed by the competent authority; establish an emergency telephone list and establish a media response plan for emergencies and accidents; review the plan with the competent authority and prepare for drills.

9. Compilation of employee handbook. The employee handbook includes: task description, operating rules, organizational structure, job description, basic employee procedures, employee policies, communication procedures, lifeguards’ daily mission behavior specifications, review systems, equipment and facilities, tourist-related policies, tourist-related Prescribe procedures, laws and regulations, etc. The employee handbook should become the code of conduct for all behaviors, let employees sign to confirm that they have read and agreed to it, and the handbook should be a public record, without keeping any secrets, and a lawyer should also check the employee handbook.

10. Lifeguard training includes selecting a safety system and reviewing the design; establishing a lifeguard rotation system; choosing a lifeguard coach and training location, and arranging training.

11. To prepare a bidding for the required services, the following questions need to be solved: Do you need a swimming pool service provider? Is there a security agreement? Whether to outsource landscape architecture? Who will provide catering services? Who will operate the concession area? Are there water supply and drainage maintenance services?

12. Planning corporate sponsor activities. Develop corporate sponsorship plans and ask lawyers to review the plans; establish a standardized system, prepare advertisements, budgets, prepare forms, leaflets and other materials, and finally start marketing activities.

13. Preparations for the opening ceremony must comply with laws and regulations, be prepared for a large number of passengers, pay attention to safety first, and prepare for media promotion.

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