• Jungle kindom-creatures and plants elements blend with a dynamic water play design at the ROSE SPLASH PARK, Yangchun, Guangdong.
    Application: The Real Estate Year of Installation: 2021 Main Interactive Products: Aqua Elevations UFO turnable fountain Cat tail spray Giraffe shower Funny worm jet Spiral tunnel Funny ball spray The overall design by Histar Waterplay Solutions Corp a gradual flow of activity with defined play zones for all ages. A shallow wading pool eases little waterplayers into gentle discovery play with spraying creatures and friendly insects and plants. This splash park builds excitement with interactive small attractions, and an at-depth JUNGLE KINGDOM Aqua Tower inspires bolder adventures with a tunnel slide and spiral tunnel spray. Thoughtful feature selection combined with an nature colour(green, yellow and blue) make a refreshing aquatic play zone that children and parents/children and their friends can delight in together.
  • Wuhan OCT Ecological Cultural Water Play Splash Pads Park
    Wuhan OCT ecological cultural water splash pad park Our overall scheme has been highly recognized by the owners and experts.  The Phase III of this  interactive Water Park  is an extension of Wuhan Happy Valley Water Park, which combines park leisure green space and theme water park, and is mainly aimed at children and parent-child. We pay much attention to IP, story line, product planning, route planning, park operations with full of professional perspective. In order to build new products and gameplay experience of the parent-child interactive water park,  we combine the theme creation  and non-powered amusement facilities.  And furthermore, we go deep into the park a full range of professional integration, landscape design, product design, production and completion. We aim to Create a popular punching place for Wuhan. All will bring more joy to the children!
  • A new place to play in winter -- Nanjing water park case sharing
    In the first week of 2021, we will open an indoor water park project in cooperation with Baby Heroes, an international chain brand located in downtown Nanjing. Nanjing is located in eastern China, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is the capital city of Jiangsu Province. Nanjing is a north subtropical humid climate, four distinct seasons. Nanjing has short days in spring and autumn and long days in winter and summer. Therefore, indoor constant temperature water park equipment can give full play to its advantages and provide leisure and entertainment places for parents and children in winter vacation. It is no longer limited to go to water park only in summer. The interior of the indoor water park is very comfortable. The water depth of all venues is 20 to 30 centimeters, the water temperature is constant 33 degrees, the indoor constant temperature is 27 degrees and 28 degrees, and the air humidity is 60 percent, creating a comfortable and pleasant entertainment environment. Constant temperature indoor water park has a special new technology of air circulation, humidity control and disinfection. The 24-hour water circulation system, triple filtration of water quality, purification of ultraviolet light, continuous disinfection, suitable for young children to play on the water slide and a variety of lovely cartoon models, to meet the dream of unscrupulous children to play in water. The design uses cartoon elements like pirate ships, goldfish, frogs and other children's favorite elements, which are integrated into the whole design and customized according to the budget of the investors. From the theme to the decoration can meet the project budget and positioning. All children like to play with the water, playing with the baby can best let parents understand the ability of the baby, from the game to observe the baby, parents will find their baby's growth, grasp the development of the baby state. By allowing babies to release their instincts in a relaxed environment, sharing the same experiences and emotions while playing together, the trust relationship between parents and babies is strengthened.
  • Shandong Vanke children water park
    Shandong Linyi Vanke children water park
  • Children's Park - Children's Water Park Case
    Fengxiang Lake Children's Park covers an area of more than 800 acres. It is the first park in Shaoshan with children's play as its theme. It is an implanted farming culture, meteorological culture Guangzhou Ocean-star Water Park Co., Ltd. in the construction of Chongqing Fengshan Fengxiang Lake Children's Park, the leaders attach great importance to the details in the manufacturing process of product facilities, in order to ensure the quality of the project, the company's employees work overtime.The project was successfully completed within the stipulated time.Let's take a look at the project test water picture below: Children's water park equipment field equipment display
  • Hot Spring Resort Hotel Outdoor Water Park
    Hot Spring Resort Hotel Outdoor Water Park
  • Outdoor Water Park
    outdoor water park colorful water house, stainless steel water features National service hotline 139-2881-4659consulting services water features
  • Outdoor Small Water Park Case
    outdoor samll water park case water house slide, different kinds of splash water features water park water park water park water park water park
  • Outdoor Children Water Park
    Outdoor children water park water house, water features
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