Questions to consider when investing in a water park | Histar Jan 07, 2021

Currently, the market for water parks is still very hot. So what are the issues to consider when investing in a water park? Today, let Histar tell you three main issues to consider:

No1: model reorganization. Regardless of where the project is located and the investor’s own resources, one cannot blindly imitate and apply other people’s models. Do not judge the preferences of tourists from the perspective of investors, because investors will think that the larger the venue and the more expensive the equipment, the better the water park.

No2: Different market demands/regional competition/city size/traffic conditions/consumption concepts also require different investment plans. Before building a water park, you need to understand the surrounding market needs and customer preferences.

No3: The investment in the water park must be profitable. The purpose of the planned project is to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, combine market demand, and adopt a differentiated approach to create a popular water park. In order to achieve this goal, we must pass professional market research, investment analysis, resource analysis, differentiated positioning, facility selection, packaging style positioning, management process plan, tourist reception plan, supporting facility plan, brand marketing plan, etc. investment plan.

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