Three suggestions for planning and design of water park | Histar Dec 04, 2020

Water park planning and design suggestion 1: reasonable planning

Excellent water parks have appropriate story lines in thematic creativity, and various designs fit the theme. Fully consider the market demand to set up the construction area and functional layout.

The precise positioning determines the development direction of the water park.

Water park planning and design proposal 2: Create a unique experience and avoid homogenous competition

At present, the construction of water parks can easily fall into the phenomenon of comparing amusement equipment with each other.

Some water parks always try to obtain equipment with titles such as "Asia's first" and "China's first" to gain attention and create advertising gimmicks. Everyone knows that the "highest, largest, longest" amusement equipment piled up is only a thrilling experience. The most important thing in the operation of a water park is to provide a special experience that can inspire tourists to visit again.

The age group of visitors to the water park is mostly between 11 and 35 years old. The tourists are mostly young couples, friends and family tourists. Relatively speaking, they are more attractive to low- and middle-income people. The radius of tourists is mostly within a 1.5-hour drive. , Weekends and school holidays are peak tourist periods. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the needs of target customer groups in the creation of unique experiences, such as setting up multifunctional combined water village projects to attract young people and young tourists; setting up water slide equipment suitable for families and children’s pools suitable for children’s play. Drive family tourists; increase the area of the wave pool as much as possible to increase the capacity of the park; set up performances with rich themes and provide diverse experience services.

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Water park planning and design proposal 3: Comprehensive development, improve the level of secondary consumption

In the case of a fixed ticket price, the improvement of consumption level mainly depends on the consumption of commercial sales and catering facilities in the water park area. The secondary consumption in the water park includes the lease of lockers, the purchase of water toys such as swimsuits, swimming rings and water guns, and the consumption of catering. In terms of payment services, considering the inconvenience of tourists entering the amusement area to carry money and things, the water park provides tourists with a smart bracelet as a mobile payment method, which cooperates with mobile phones to clear payment barriers.

In terms of commercial layout, commercial sales points are generally arranged around the park entrance area, changing rooms and storage rooms; inside the amusement area, catering facilities are generally set up around the amusement equipment with good visual effects, so that visitors can stop and watch and increase the opportunity for catering consumption . In terms of commodity and meal development, it not only conforms to local habits, but also only with uniqueness and theme can be better accepted by tourists.

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