Uncover The Secret Of Spiral Slipway In Water Park Jun 13, 2019

Summer is like a naughty child's face, moody, with the heat down, did not say a word, too late, with umbrellas to tan, in the case of unprepared there is always heavy rain, just a faint sadness, but we can play again.

In everyone's memory, there is a spiral water drop will never be enough to play. But as we get older, that little slide is no longer enough to satisfy our growing desire for excitement, but to combine slides with something. Spiral sliders use multiple groups of spirals in and out of each other to dive quickly in the labyrinth of the passage, jumping up and down or spiraling down. This is the mysterious spiral water slide, perhaps your mind is here on the road 18 turns, water here 9 interlocking.

In the endless darkness, experience such as whirlpool centrifugal force, such as the speed of free fall, suddenly break through fear, straight into the water, let you experience different stimuli and pleasures, whether slowly or hastily, whether light or dark, we will lose our way, not even notice that height is proportional to the sense of excitement, and can not run away here.? When you arrive at the open slide, your view will be released and you will see a panoramic view of the park. Rapidly changing surrounding references will make you feel extremely intuitive about speed. Unlike rainbow slides, spiral slides are more like roller coasters, with entanglement and entanglement more fun.

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