Water Park Planning And Design Steps Jun 07, 2021
Water Park Planning Dnd Design Steps

The planning and design of the water park project can be divided into the following seven stages from the beginning to the construction.

1. Planning. It was the original source of the project. It mainly focuses on some preliminary thinking of the project, including: upper condition analysis, theme positioning, market positioning, site selection, intention layout mode, basic content planning, etc.

2. Feasibility study. This stage verifies the feasibility of the project planning from the technical and economic aspects, including policy research, market analysis, planning scheme research, preliminary investment estimation, financial analysis, impact analysis, risk analysis and other contents, which is an important link to decide whether the project is established.

3. Master Plan. After the site selection is determined, the overall layout and arrangement of the base are made in time and space. In this stage, the scope of land use, land use indicators, building requirements, supporting facilities and other contents should be defined.

4. Conceptual design. After the completion of the project, the formal input into the specific design work. Decide the theme story, architectural style, plane layout, moving line setting, water recreation project configuration, commercial/service/management facilities configuration.

5. Scheme design. Continuing the conceptual design stage, we will carry out all kinds of design work in an all-round way, and carry out special designs for architecture, exterior decoration, interior decoration, landscape, lighting, electrical and so on.

6. Expansion design. On the basis of scheme design, clear elevation, size, color, etc., and mark the details.

7. Construction drawing. All the design results will be implemented in the construction documents, for construction bidding and later construction guidance.

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