What are the taboos that should be noted in the water park engineering design? Jun 20, 2019

If the safety problems after evaluation, type test, inspection and acceptance of water park equipment design documents, if used accurately according to the operation instructions, the accident probability is very small. However, the lack of attention to details in the process of construction is the biggest cause of frequent tourism injury accidents in water parks. At the same time, wear on the accident, edge and corner of the blow, aperture is the hidden danger of tourism injury. Therefore, in the construction process of all tourists, the water park may come into contact and must be dealt with carefully to ensure the safety of tourists.

In accordance with the Civil Code, computer room pipe trench, water park equipment foundation, etc. The construction process must meet the requirements of the Civil Code and shall not be carried out during the construction period or illegally. Now, some of the most controversial questions about the water park are: what is the best material for the pool and the bottom of the pool? What is the most non-skid material on the road of water park? There is no guarantee for the quality of civil construction. Most of the foundation subsidence, pipeline cracks and pool surface decoration in water park are caused by peak period, so science must be respected and standard construction must be carried out.

At present, the water quality of most family water parks increases gradually during the peak season, and gradually becomes turbid, sometimes even milky white and pungent. In order to improve water quality, some investors have imported excellent filtration equipment from abroad, but the effect is not ideal. Water treatment is composed of circulation, purification, filtration, disinfection, monitoring and other systems. Only the imported purification and filtration equipment can ensure the water quality and do not need reasonable system design.

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