What Kind Of Water Park Equipment Do We Need To Install? May 05, 2019

With the development of economy, children's entertainment life is becoming more and more abundant. Children's water amusement equipment varieties are ideal, traditional, but also popular in recent years. Many companies saw an opportunity and wanted to invest in water fun. So, let's take a look at some of the most popular water park facilities in the water park.

Children's water amusement equipment deign

Water park facilities generally include slide, can be divided into: large tornado slide, rainbow slide, large loop slide and so on. Large water parks must use tornaod slide. As the name implies, rainbow slides are designed according to the seven colors of the rainbow, giving us visual and emotional influence. The big sleek puts the visitor in the closed cabin, the pedal board will automatically open, from the high platform through the lubricated water, the body like a roller coaster along the near-vertical slide tube high-speed sliding, with a strong visual impact and viewing, The audience also terrified.

Surfboard surfing is a kind of equipment that has emerged in the water park in recent years, because it combines the technical elements of other plates, has the characteristics of various modes and excellent technology. And developed into a highly participatory new type of extreme sports in the artificial simulation of surfing, in a few years quickly become a global fashion sport.

Water park facilities also include the hot spot equipment, in fact, it is a kind of water skiing, waterskits, bucket and other theme landscape, is one of the water park integrated amusement facilities. According to the size can be divided into Dashui Township, Zhongshui Township, Xiaoshui Township, according to Mayan Culture Water Township, Tropical Rainforest Water Township, Azlan Water Township and other types of classification.

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